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We have 13 years experience in Mortgage Broking and we are able to provide customised solution for your next big project.
Residential Development Finance


Development Finance Solutions for Australian Developers


Some of the basic information



We have a number of lenders including big four banks Tier 2 lenders and private lenders that will finance you next big projects.

Some of the things you will need to consider are:

  • Property Development finance differs from normal investment finance as you can capitalise interest.
  • Your application must be strong and sometimes it can make or break a deal on how the information is presented to the lenders.
  • LVR of 65% of GRV (exc GST) OR 80% of cost (which ever is lower)
  • Pre-sales are required by most of the lenders. Usually it is equal or more to the amount being borrowed.
  • Borrowing capacity and how much fund you need. Rates and fees and charges will vary depending upon LVR and servings . Stronger the application and lower LVR will get you better rates.
  • Your experience in delivering these projects.
  • Detailed costing and Project feasibility report.
What We do?

We have partnerships with a number of the lending institution to make it easier for you to set up property development finance.


We organise finance for following types of projects


You should find out all the costs before signing up including:

  • Apartment construction.
  • Townhouse Development
  • Small to large multi-dwelling spec homes
  • Mixed use residential development
  • Land Banking for up to 25 years.
  • Land Development and then construction finance.

Finance Stages

When planning with your builder, the contract should include a clear outline of the stages of building and when these stages will be complete. There are usually five stages:

  • Foundation
  • Frame and Brickwork
  • Lock Up
  • Second Fix
  • Completion

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